Bag & Bottle Dryer


LoveThisBagDryer! Kit

Re-use, Re-duce, Re-place your plastic bags. Keep them out of the waste stream and save $$$.

Use this sturdy, versatile dryer on your counter, or mount one small screw to hang it vertically!

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Wood drying rack for plastic, cloth & net bags; water & baby bottles; rubber gloves; mittens; small boots; diaper covers; and many other hard-to-dry objects. Holds 6 items. Comes as an easy-to-assemble kit. Switches easily between sitting and hanging. Sturdy, versatile, attractive. Designed & handcrafted by a mom in NC.

Dimensions:  Wood base 3″ x 9½”. Wood dowels 15½” and 9½”, at 10° angle.

Sits 16″ tall, OR install it firmly to window trim, side of cabinet, or wall.

Materials: Poplar base, birch dowels, cork bumpers.

Kit includes hardware and easy-to-follow instructions for assembly and maintenance. Takes about 5 minutes to assemble, with a few household items. Use the handy template for effortless mounting.



Happy customer raves: “I love this wood bag dryer! Assembly was easy – took only about 5 minutes. Now I can conveniently wash and dry all the sizes of bags I want to re-use, including produce bags from grocery stores. The design really works.” — Sheella


Awed customer gushes: “I shopped and shopped everywhere for a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, cost efficient bag dryer. This is it. There is no other dryer like this ‘out there.’ ” — Sheryl


Delighted customer wonders: “How did we ever live without our plastic bag dryer?” — Lotte


Appreciative customer reports: "It's quite well-made, easy to assemble, sturdy. I enjoyed assembling it. It encourages me to re-use plastic bags. And it's crafted in NC. USA made!"  -- Karen


Careful customer shares, "Super easy to assemble. Just be sure to follow the directions to line up the dowels. Works great either on the counter or wall mounted over the sink." -- Jay


Another fan glows: "This glove and bag hanger is WONDERFUL. I can hang my rubber gloves upside down and the insides actually dry. And I'm a big fan of reusing ziplock bags. Couldn't ask for a better design." -- Sharon

Medley Five

Medley of five customers' comments because we're out of space: "This dryer saves space. Also, when it's on the wall, air plants can hang from the dowels! Very stable, doesn't tip. Best bag dryer you can get. The bags actually dry -- much better than draping them all over the kitchen. I recommend this product. Super cleverly designed, reasonably priced and easy to put together. This will be my third year coming back for more; I am running out of friends to give them to. These make great holiday gifts!"


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