Cloth Napkin Rack


LoveThisNapkinRack! Kit

Pick your napkin, pick your peg, write your name above.
VOILA! No more wasted paper napkins.

Order now!  – Order three!  – Give them as gifts! Shipping included – no extra charge!

Easy-assembly kit.

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Rack for convenient use of cloth napkins. Holds four napkins. Chalkboard strip above and groove for chalk stick, to identify user of each napkin! Comes as an easy-to-assemble kit. Sturdy, versatile, attractive. Designed & handcrafted by a mom in NC.

Also useful for dog leashes, keys…what else?

Dimensions: Wood base 16″ wide x 3½” high. Four wood dowels protrude 2¾” at 10° angle.

Kit includes easy-to-follow instructions for assembly, maintenance, and mounting with one small screw. Takes about 5 minutes to assemble, with a few household items. Use the handy template for effortless mounting.

Family 1:

Family 1: “Prior to having the LoveThis NapkinRack! we used lots and lots of paper napkins and paper towels. Now with this rack we barely use any paper towels, and no paper napkins. With the chalk strip for writing our names we’ve been able to add some personality to what would otherwise be a mundane kitchen utility. We love our napkin rack and highly recommend it to anyone conscious of their use of paper and disposables.” —Glenn

Family 2:

Family 2: “It was easy to assemble. My boys absolutely love it. They drew pictures instead of their names. It’s very easy for them to use the cloth napkins since they get to pick out which ones they like for the week. I think it is a great idea…..My husband likes it too. He says even if he is eating just an apple it’s as easy to grab his napkin versus a paper towel.” —Kristina

Family 3

Family 3: “Habits usually take a bit of time to take hold. Not with the napkin rack! As soon as it went up we had no reason any more to reach into our pantry to get paper napkins. The cloth napkins are right there where we need them. And my teenager immediately started drawing hearts and vines across the chalk strip along with names. She put her good friend’s name next to hers to indicate she was an honorary member of our family. From then on, that good friend spent almost every weekend living with us, always keeping her choice of napkin on the rack. So many functions packed into one little wood gadget.” —Elana

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