Oh gross!

Dear readers, I’d like us to be clear about WHY we avoid and re-use plastic; WHY we do our best to stop plastic pollution. The “why” motivates us to deepen our understanding, do what we can, and offer solutions to others. First, here’s fortification. Feast your eyeballs.     Okay, feeling strong? I want to share something […]

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The Power of Your Mighty Basal Ganglia

Hello! It’s a New Year, and the odds are that your self improvement resolutions have already fallen by the wayside. One resolution I’m sure you want to keep is your determination to waste & pollute less and reuse more. I support that! So I’m sharing with you some recent science about how to turn that determination […]

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Bag and bottle dryer hanging and standing

Convenience without waste. Really.

Hi! Since you found your way to this post, here’s what I think you and I have in common: You feel sick over the news about plastic pollution, climate change, and other damage we humans cause to our one earth and to life on it. You deeply “get” how this damage endangers your well-being and the […]

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