The Makers

E. face #3I’m Elana Kann, a wood artist working in a tiny studio in Asheville, NC. After a family member discovered a malignant tumor (treated successfully through surgery), I researched environmental factors that can contribute to cancer to figure out what might have provoked it. I discovered how pervasive plastic pollution is and how it contributes to the incidence of cancer. Determined to make it easy and convenient to reduce toxic plastic waste, I decided to take a break from making sculptures, improve my personal bag dryer design (originally for my home, and then my friends, neighbors, parents, sister, cousins, and their friends and neighbors all wanted them), and make the new, improved, versatile model available as widely as possible. A testimonial from a buyer who “loves this bag dryer!” and really emphasized “loves” inspired the name LoveThisBagDryer!©

A friend asked me to help his family switch from paper (which also pollutes) to cloth napkins. He worked with me on the prototype of the LoveThisNapkinRack™. (You can see I’m on a role with the “LoveThis…” theme.) Please have a look at this design that has an almost magical effect on families and groups of people living together–overnight the paper-napkin habit drops away because it is so much more fun and convenient to grab that cloth napkin hanging on the wall near the dining table with your name above it in chalk. Children and teens are the first to jump at the creative design potential of this chalkboard strip; I’ve seen vines, hearts, family portraits…

I’m currently exploring sources of help to produce my products. Stay tuned!