Payback Period for LoveThisBagDryer©

  • Bag dryer puts money in your pocketIF your family packs sandwiches
  • IF you have two school-age children
  • IF they both take bag lunches to school every week day, let’s say one sandwich bag and one snack bag for each lunch, adding up to 40 sandwich bags and 40 snack bags per month
  • IF you use Ziploc sandwich and snack bags
  • IF a box of 90 sandwich bags costs $3.98, and a box of 40 snack bags costs $2.48 (without sales tax)…

…your payback period for the bag dryer (including shipping) to re-use bags for lunches is about 6 months! (Even less time if you pay sales tax.) Because with your LoveThisBagDryer, you can easily wash, dry, and re-use your plastic bags rather than buying all those new ones. Order now!

  • IF, in addition, your family uses freezer bags to freeze food
  • IF you use Ziploc freezer bags
  • IF a box of 38 quart-size freezer bags is $5.28, and a box of 28 gallon-size freezer bags is also $5.28 (without sales tax)
  • IF you use six of each in a month
  • IF you pack lunches and freeze food in new plastic bags at the above rates…

…your payback period for the bag dryer (shipping included) to re-use bags for both lunches and freezing is four months! (Even less time if you pay sales tax.) See how quickly you save the cost of this bag dryer? It saves you $$ and prevents plastic waste that causes so much damage. Order now!


Payback period for LoveThisNapkinRack™

  • IF your family uses paper napkins for all meals    Bag dryer puts money in your pocket
  • IF you have a family of four
  • IF you use napkins for three meals/day and one snack/day, adding up to 16 napkins per day x 30 days which is 480 napkins per month
  • IF five of those meals are greasy or include tomato sauce requiring extra napkins and that adds 20 more napkins per month for a total of 500 napkins per month
  • IF you buy Bounty napkins, 200 to a pack for $3.38 each, and thus you need 2½ packs per month, adding up to $8.45/month…

…your payback period for the napkin rack (including shipping) is only about 3½ months! (Less if you include sales tax.) Because with your LoveThisNapkinRack, your cloth napkins are so convenient you don’t need to buy paper napkins ever again! Order now!