This company was born of a desire to make re-using fun and easy. These products are intended to be a remedy to our throwaway culture because they make possible less consumption, less waste, less pollution; they encourage pleasurable use of durable materials that can be reused for many years. They also save money, and pay for themselves in just a few months.

Making small adjustments to the infrastructure in our homes and work places can be a great precursor to making large adjustments to the infrastructure of our whole society–to shift from fossil fuels and other pollutants to clean sources of energy and materials. It can build our habit-changing muscles.   🙂

More designs are coming! Stay tuned…And if YOU have an idea for a habit-changing gizmo, please get in touch. I’m proud to be creating reasonably-priced tools that pay for themselves in short time frames by actually making it fun and easy to consume less, not more!