Convenience without waste. Really.

Hi! Since you found your way to this post, here’s what I think you and I have in common: You feel sick over the news about plastic pollution, climate change, and other damage we humans cause to our one earth and to life on it. You deeply “get” how this damage endangers your well-being and the places you love.

You want to stop adding to the pollution and to the throwaway culture. Yet your life is busy; you’re grateful for conveniences.

My new company, Wood Doing Good, offers you and the people you care about the ability to be part of the solution, on a scale that is immediately do-able, while we push for global shifts toward clean energy and materials. Wood Doing Good creates innovative, functional products out of wood that make it fun and easy to reuse all sorts of things rather than toss them out.

Here’s the first one: LoveThisBagDryer! (which comes as an easy-to-assemble kit), so you can easily wash and reuse bags, bottles, mittens, and more.    🙂

Just click here to buy.

“What a wonderful gift that actually allows people
to consume less, not more.” 
— Rachel

That’s my brief introduction to how you can reduce plastic waste and pollution. I’m glad you and my company got to meet!

–Elana Kann
Wood Doing Good: Reusing made fun & easy

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