Bag & Bottle Dryers







Keep plastic out of the waste stream and save money.

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Napkin Racks

Stop using disposable paper napkins, start using cloth. And save money.

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“If you can see things out of whack, then you can see how things can be in whack.”
--Dr. Seuss

LoveThisBagDryer helps you recycleWood Doing Good creates innovative, functional wood products that make reusing fun and easy. We offer these creative solutions as remedies to our throwaway culture.

Customers delight in how easily they can now embrace new habits that clean up our shared nest (the world)--reducing plastic and paper pollution. Reusing what are usually disposable goods and shifting to more durable goods saves money as well.

Our bag & bottle dryers enable easy reuse of plastic and cloth bags, bottles, rubber gloves, and many other hard-to-dry objects. Our napkin racks encourage use of cloth napkins in place of paper. Stay tuned: other products are moving through design and prototype phases!


“What wonderful gifts that actually allow people to consume less, not more.” -- Rachel
“It is beautifully hand made. People think I made your cool art piece!” -- Sheryl
"Finally fun and simple solutions for using less paper and plastic!" -- Glenn


From a tiny workshop in Asheville, NC